Anonymous said: "We'll be back soon" I tell you-Louis

"Okay," I smile and kiss your cheek. "Bye pickle." I say to Finley. "Bye cheeky." He laughs.

Anonymous said: "How did I know that's what you'd want?" I say looking at her through the mirror - Harry

"Dunno." She smiles laughing. "Chick nuggets." She says clapping her hands

Anonymous said: "Finny do you think we should find a basket?" I ask him-Louis

He looks at you confused. “You need a basket to put the food in.” I say to him. He looks up at you and rubs towards you. “I’ll make some food.” I say to you and pick up Luna.

Anonymous said: I nuzzle into your neck-Liam

"I think she’s moving." I say quietly as I graze the back of your neck with my fingernails.


Anonymous said: "I hope it stays that way" I say-Liam

I smile at you and rub my belly.

Anonymous said: "Now that everyone will know about you" I say-Liam

"Okay," I say looking at you. "I don’t really care what they say to be honest." I say placing a hand on my belly.

Niall anon

Anonymous said: "Tomorrow should be am interesting day" I say as we get ready for bed-Liam

"Why?" I say cuddling up next to you.

Anonymous said: "Oh thank god," I sigh in relief and kiss your head. "So we can take her home tonight?" I ask and the doctor nods. - Niall

"You’re so tiny," I say as Daisy looks up at me. "Beautiful big eyes though." I say rubbing her little head. "Do you wanna hold her?" I ask looking up at you softly.

Anonymous said: The nurse comes over. "We just need to weigh her and make sure everything is okay," She says and takes Daisy. - Niall

"Okay," I say softly and watch as they take her away. "She’s a healthy weight so her lungs and everything will be working perfectly so there’s no need to keep her in." The doctor says.

Anonymous said: "Are you ready to go?" I ask-Liam

I nod my head. “Yeah,” I smile

Anonymous said: "Our little Daisy," I whisper and sit next to you. I kiss her head as she opens her eyes. - Niall

"Hello little miss blue eyes," I say sniffling and stroking her cheek. She makes little noises and moved around.