Anonymous said: I laugh and text back before putting my phone away. "Mummy said you can stay with me and aunty Amy if you be a very good girl" I say to her - Harry

I hear her gasp in my ear and look at her as she pulls back. “Yay.” She squeals loudly. “Get you stay with you.” She smiles and hugs me kissing me on the lips and patting the baby. She gets down and goes over to your side.

Anonymous said: I watch you both and smile as she talks to you some more. I check my phone when it beeps to see that Lou texted me - Harry

"Is that mummy?" She asks looking at you. "Please Hawwy make mummy say yes." She sighs and hides back into my neck as I pat her bum.

Anonymous said: She wraps her arms around your neck and rests her head on your shoulder. "I luv you" she says to you - Harry

I place my head on hers and kiss her cheek. “I love you too, so very much.” I say rubbing her back.

Anonymous said: "Are you on the pill?" I ask-Luke

"yeah." I say looking up at you.

Anonymous said: I try not to laugh as she looks up with a sad face. "Mummy let me?" She asks quietly - Harry

"Oh Lux come here, I can’t stand to see that sad little face of yours." I say scooping her into my arms.

Anonymous said: "Nope not yet" I say and look at Lux - Harry

We both look at her and she slowly looks up at us.

Anonymous said: I hover back over you and kiss at your neck-Luke

I moan loudly and dig my nails in your back.

Anonymous said: She pouts at you and looks at you sadly. She sits back down on the chair and puts her head down. "She sulking?" I ask laughing lightly - Harry

"Yeah." I say to you and look at Lux. "Has she replied?" I ask looking at you.

Anonymous said: I let my eyes scan up and down your body-Luke

I look at you

Anonymous said: "No if mummy say no you say yes" she says looking at you - Harry

"If mummy says no, then we say no and take you home." I say to her.

Anonymous said: "You sure this time?@ I ask as we both undress-Luke

I nod my head. “Yes.” I say softly

Anonymous said: I don't see him getting feelings though

He will, like he won’t get the feelin. To sleep with anyone else only her

Anonymous said: She's going to get so attached to him

It will be the other way around x

Anonymous said: I wait a minute before nodding-Luke

I lift up and kiss you.

Anonymous said: I waste no time in moving us towards your bed-Luke

"Luke," I moan and pull back. "Don’t do this with anyone else." I say looking at you