Niall anon

Anonymous said: "Can't guarantee anything," I joke and have my shower. - Niall

I go downstairs and sit with the kids. I put Daisy on my chest as she sleeps and watch TV with the kids.

Anonymous said: "So cute." I grin and kiss you again. "Okay, baby. Now go so I can jack off," I grin cheekily and jump into the shower. - Niall

"You disgust me." I smirk and kiss your lips. "Okay, I’ll leave ya, don’t think of anyone else but me." I say jokingly and shut the door.

Anonymous said: "Out!" I grin at you and strip out of my boxers. I turn the shower on and smack your bum playfully. "You're so cute when you're cheeky," I say and peck your lips. - Niall

I kiss your lips and smile at you. “Just cute?” I smirk and place my hands on your body. “Have a bath with me later.” I whisper.

Anonymous said: "I'll tease as much as I want," I smirk and strip to my boxers. I grab my clothes from the wardrobe and go to the bathroom. - Niall

I follow you and giggle slightly.

Why are my Niall anon posts getting deleted??:(



Anonymous said: I stay asleep with Maisie in my arms - Harry

I make myself something to eat and put the TV on and sit next to you. I look over at you occasionally and smile.

Just finished work. Anons?

Anonymous said: I smirk and kiss you once more before climbing off you. "You started this," I say and pull my shirt off to get dressed. - Niall

"and I’ve just finished it." I smirk. "But don’t tease me like that." I say looking at your body.

Anonymous said: We go back to my house-Luke

I follow you in.

Anonymous said: I shake my head and kiss you-Liam

I smile into the kiss.

Anonymous said: I turn around to face you-Zayn

I look at you nervously and take your hand following you in.

Anonymous said: "Only sometimes and in certain positions," I say and kiss your neck softly. "They're alright, though." - Niall

"That’s good." I say softly, holding your arm and closing my eyes. "Come on," I say opening them. "Before I get distracted, got a lot to do!"