Anonymous said: "We're not so far apart" I say offended. "I would love to but she is too far along to flyl I say-Calum

"Mate, if I had the love of my life at home who was pregnant with my child, I’d want to speak to her every second, see how she and the baby is doing." "She’s only 3 and a half months, 6 months is when they can’t fly." He says.

Anonymous said: "She's spending the day with her mom and I don't want to interrupt it" I tell him-Calum

"I can assure you any text you send her, she’ll be over the moon with." Ashton says. "You two are so apart, she’s probably dying to here from you, and the baby as well. Why don’t you bring her over here?"

Anonymous said: "Have you talked to Amy?" Ashton asks me. "No not today" I shake my head-Calum

"Why not?" He asks casually.

Anonymous said: "I don't know what you want me to say to you" she starts. "It's never going to be easy. You guys are 17 and 18 and his job makes it impossible to be here for uou" she says. "You either have to get used to it or just move on" she says bluntly-Calum

I don’t say anything and just look away rubbing my belly. “I’m as important as she is, and it’s so unfair that I’m getting pushed aside and neglected.” I say to her. “Now I’m going home.”

Anonymous said: "I don't think you're being fair enough to him" she says-Calum

"Mum I don’t get to see him ever, when I speak to him on the phone it’s about the baby, it’s never about me, I feel completely shut out." I say to her

Anonymous said: "Cuddle" she says closing her book and looking over at me-Gabbu

She runs over to you and cuddles you. I just continue to watch the kids tv programme.

Anonymous said: "I love you so much" I breathe out-Zayn

I look at you and kiss your lips. I smile and hug you tightly burying my head in your neck.

Anonymous said: Amy" he doesn't really have te option to come home whenever you want even I know that" she says-Calum

"I know I may not be as important or even at all to him, but this baby should be." I say

Anonymous said: "Tell him how you're feeling" she says-Calum

"I’ve tried." I say to her. "He doesn’t have time to listen, no matter how many times I ask, he won’t come home." I say sadly. "It just ends up in an argument," I frown. "He doesn’t see it from my point of view."

Anonymous said: "When do you see him next?" She asks-Calum

"I have no idea." I sigh looking at my mum sadly. "We have about 2 minutes phone conversation." I say. "And that’s not everyday, and when we speak it’s about the baby, not me, not him, just the baby." I say frustratedly. "I asked if we could Skype? He said soon"

Anonymous said: "Is that what he wanted?" She asks-Calum

"I have no idea mum." I sigh. "I don’t know anything about him lately, what he’s up to, how he’s doing, anything." I say

Anonymous said: "It's worse when he's here" you tell her-Calum

"Even more and the screaming is horrifying." I say to her. "I just want a normal life for this one, that’s it." I sigh. "Calum told me the other day to not go out anywhere and to stay in, because management don’t want it to be seen" I mock in a silly voice.

Anonymous said: "That's a lot to handle" she says-Calum

"Yep," I sigh. "I hate it."

Anonymous said: "Fuck Amy" I moan-Zayn

I let out a moan and close my eyes. “Oh my God.” I say nearly scream and bury my head in your neck.