Anonymous said: "You okay?" I ask-Calum

"Yeah I’m okay thanks. How are you?" I ask looking at you.

Harry anon and niall anon please

Anonymous said: "I'll be back" I say before walking over to you-Calum

I stand there waiting for my drink, just wanting to go home.

Anonymous said: I keep my eyes on you-Calum

I hold my belly as she kicks inside and causing me pain. I scrunch my face up a little and let out a deep breath. I move up the line and look at the barista. “Can I have a flat cola please.” I say uncomfortably.

Anonymous said: I see you while having lunch with a friend-Calun

I look up from my purse and see you. I look back down and focus on my purse.

Anonymous said: (Ohhhh) "I didn't actually propose I changed my mind" I remind her-Zayn

"But she knows you were going to propose to her." She says.

Anonymous said: "Okay" I say softly as you carry Maisie up to bed - Harry

She cries loudly and screams. “Sorry baby, uncle Niall woke you up I know,” I coo and rub her back. I put her on our bed and change her nappy. “Let’s blame it on uncle Niall okay,” I say changing her nappy.

Anonymous said: I fly back a couple weeks later to get an apartment-Calum

I hear that you’re back. Undecided on whether to contact you or not.

Harry and Niall ANON x

Anonymous said: "I'm so fucking over this talk I said I didn't want to be with her" I say walking away-Calum

I put up pictures of me and you together around her cot and in frames.

Anonymous said: "I didn't?" I say confused-Zayn

(Yes you did? Didn’t you? )

Anonymous said: Did you not get the Calum anon?

Replied xx

Anonymous said: "She can't keep the baby from me when I hadn't done anything to the baby. I'm grateful she hasn't done anything but I just don't want to be with her so get off my fucking case about it" I snap"If she wants to go be with someone else good for her because she doesn't deserve to be cheated on or feeling the way I made her feel. I just want her to be happy and I can't give that to her" I say annoyed-Calum

"Yes you can." They say. "You make her so happy."

Anonymous said: "You know how I feel about marriage" I say-Zayn

"Then why did you propose in the first place?" She says confused.

Anonymous said: "Mom" I sigh-Zayn

"I can assure that’s all she wants from you." She says. "Do it big, and beautiful and show her how much she means to you and I can assure you both happiness." She smiles.