Harry and Niall anon???

Anons please


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Anons please?

Anonymous said: •••"That was so good" I say pushing my plate awar-Calum

"Oh god I’m really stuffed." I say finishing mine.

Harry and Niall Anons and Anons please???

Anonymous said: are there any plans for baby haz to be finished?

Yes! I will be writing shortly! Xx


Anons please?!

Harry and Niall anon???

Anonymous said: "Food will be out soon" I say-Calum

"Good." I say happily and place my hand on top of yours.

Anonymous said: I palm at your chest as I kiss your neck-Zayn

I moan softly and close my eyes. “Zayn, were in public now,” I say softly and moan.

Anonymous said: "Okay" I say laying my hand on your stomach-Calum

I smile to myself and drink my drink. “I’m starving.” I say

Anons please?!

Anons please?! Harry & Niall?