And you! You’ll be fine!! X ineedthethighgap

I’m scared! ineedthethighgap

Anonymous said: do u send YOURSELF those anons lol

No? I’m on my phone so how can I do that?

Anonymous said: We play for a while before sitting back down. "Here Finny" I say giving him a water-Louis

He takes it and drinks it. He sits down and lays on the floor.

Anonymous said: She smiles as I push her-Gabby

"Daddy." She smiles and claps her hands.

Anonymous said: I lean in and kiss you-Zayn

I place my hands on your cheeks and kiss you back.

Anonymous said: "What should we do?" I coo at Florence-Liam

She looks up at you and blinks.

Anonymous said: I shake my head no-Luke

"Why?" I ask softly.

Anonymous said: Tomororw is Labor Day though....

I don’t live in America x

I start college tomorrow! Nervous x

Anonymous said: I nod-Liam

"Thank you," I smile and curl back into bed.

Anonymous said: "What do you want to be?" I ask-Luke

"Please can you answer that first" I say softly.

Anonymous said: "Because we've only ever talked about being friends with benefits" I say-Luke

"Yeah I know." I say softly. "But we haven’t talked about what we want to happen either." I say

Anonymous said: "You can go back to sleep and I'll watch her" I tell you-Liam

"Are you sure?" I ask softly.

Anonymous said: "When are your parents coming to meet her?" I ask-Liam

"In the week." I smile. "Tuesday," I say out loud. "But today is Monday? So tomorrow?" I say looking at you. "I forgotten the days, I’m so tired." I sigh.